Commercial Markets We sErve

Senior Living

Senior Living Pest Removal

Our golden year friends and family don’t need any more experience. Especially, a crawling one. Complete coverage includes food & beverage areas.


Hospitality Pest Removal

With capabilities for housing families, for short and long stays, one bed bug, cockroach, mouse, cockroach etc. can be a disaster. Complete coverage includes, house keeping and Food & Beverage areas.


Healthcare Pest Removal

With potential to spread disease and contamination, pest have no place in healthcare facilities. One cluster fly, phorid fly, cockroach or rodent is all it takes. complete coverage includes environmental services and food and beverage areas.

Super Markets

Super Market Pest Removal

Plenty of food and shelter for flies, rodents, cockroaches, beetles and birds. Pest can cause serious contamination.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouse and Distribution Pest Removal

Holding and shipping facilities are a big business today. The potential for product contamination and pest evidence transported, can be a very costly mistake.

Bakeries - AIB

Bakery Pest Removal

Constant inspections and supply deadlines are enough to worry about. Don’t allowed a failed audit affect your bottom line. We understand the expectations.

Office Building

Office Building Pest Removal

Today office teams meet more, enjoy team building and shared resources. A serious pest problem can heighten alert, hinder timelines, and disrupt the flow.

Quick Serve Restaurants

Fast Food Pest Removal

The great food small and bright lighting is the calling card pest need. Drive through windows and swinging doors, is their passage. Don’t let pest contaminate your food and surfaces. It can get expensive.

Food Processing Facilities

Food Processing Pest Removal

Food processing is a delicate environment. one pest can be a catastrophe. At a minimum, production stoppage, intense inspections recalls and lost revenue. That’s the best case scenario.

Commercial Markets Continued

Fly Solutions

Fly Removal

As commercial kitchen experts ELEET has developed unique small and large fly solutions. Including baiting, trapping and exclusion. Within these solutions we have created unique processes and use particular equipment to do the job right. Flies contaminate food and are a serious health problem!

Bird Solutions

Bird removal

BIRDS- are serious issues in commercial properties as well, They carry pest host, their droppings are dangers and they can also be aggressive. We use various unique strategies to remove, deter and prevent birds.


Spider & Wasp Solutions

Spider and Wasp Removal

A commercial exterior power spray application, is a great solution to help keep spiders, wasp and other insect pest out and away from your properties perimeter.